Team Paul Stamoulis

Paul’s successful background is in growing, financing and selling technology companies with internet services, cloud storage, phone & voice services and managed IT services. He as a track record of over-achievement whether marketing tech-services or building successful tech-service companies.

Early in his career, Paul spent most of his time building int’l voice and data networks including creating and operating a large bank-trading network connecting the Rio Di Janeiro stock exchange with their hundreds of banking and trading partners throughout the world. Paul’s company also operated some of the world’s first digital networks in places like Moscow, Lebanon & Romania using satellite, fiber-optic, wireless, and other modern voice and data technologies still in use today.

In 1992, Paul founded World-Link, a leading provider of USA and international phone services to ethnic communities throughout U.S. The company was known as an industry innovator with a state-of-the-art 20,000 square foot data center in NYC and in using diverse marketing initiatives while also developing proprietary on-line CRM software that greatly reduced client support costs.

After doubling revenue every year for 10 straight years and reaching $500 million in revenue, 150 employees and 4 regional offices world-wide, the company was sold in 2008 to a global carrier. Paul led the sale as part of an industry wide M&A roll-up of several similar service providers in the telco sector.

In 2008, Paul started OneStopCorp as technology consulting office focused on the NYC Metro Tech and Finance industries. Consulting services include fiber optic and wireless technology implementation within high-rise and medium sized commercial and residential buildings including an emphasis on “Building Management Systems” or BMS, which automate operations for HVAC, LEED, security, video and common space systems.

More recently, OneStopCorp successfully completed a two year-long project deploying a large fiber-optic voice and video network into the NY Stock exchange for a large regional Internet Service Provider. During this time, Paul became involved with helping other tech startups in raising money as well as related M&A services.

Paul has life-long experience in identifying trends and opportunities to capture new markets and drive growth and has a history of long and trusting relationships with industry associates and customers alike. He is persistent, despite obstacles, and will convey a sense of urgency and drive issues to closure on each project. Paul is dedicated and passionate about technology and finance and can help your company today.

200 Rector Place
New York, NY 10280